De temporum fine comœdia - Plot

Scene 1, »The Sibyls«:
The Sibyls praise the one god as being the creator of the cosmos and benefactor of the world. This god will however pass judgement on souls among the living and the dead. Each individual will be judged on his deeds: the virtuous will be saved and the godless will perish eternally.

Scene 2, »The Anachoretes«:
The Anachoretes (early Christian learned monks) oppose the prophecies of the end of the world with an enraged and passionate »no« on the strength of their enhanced knowledge: no creature of God can be damned to eternal fire.

Scene 3 »Dies illa«:
The last human beings become visible. Their great lament on the collapse of the cosmos and the end of the world is followed by a prayer by the leader of the chorus with Kyrie calls by the chorus which culminates in a ban for all demons. Lucifer appears and is transformed in three stages through beams of light to the original Lucifer.«[1]



[1] Werner Thomas in: Pipers Enzyklopädie des Musiktheaters, Vol. 4, Munich 1991, p.581 ff.
Image: Siegfried Lauterwasser

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