Bavarian world theatre

»All is fantasy!« (exclamation by the Juggler in Astutuli)

»I studied this substantial work almost line for line with increasing enthusiasm [...], I felt that  the old Bavarian dialect [...] with its power, and its descriptive and graphic qualities and not least in its vocal abundance unlocked a new tonal world for me.

This tonal world was a decisive factor for the ›Bavarian play‹ (Die Bernauerin), which was actually intended for actors: music from language, spoken music. For this reason, I did not shy away from new word creations. Thus, scene after scene was created from individual long-forgotten words and expressions.« (Carl Orff on Andreas Schmeller’s ›Bavarian Dictionary‹)[1]

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[1] CO-Dok VI/17
Abb.: CO-Dok VI/10