You'll find here information about our new licensing system. If you have any further questions, please contact us at  info(at) , we will be glad to help you.

Orff® and Orff-Schulwerk® are registered trademarks of the Carl Orff Foundation. An Orff® license can be granted as a seal of quality for institutions and projects that meet the quality criteria of the COS. It means that you may use the trademarks Orff® and Orff-Schulwerk® on your website, programs, teaching materials and certificates. It distinguishes your institution or project that is working in accordance with the generally valid quality criteria of the Carl Orff Foundation as the legal successor of Carl Orff.

Licenses for the following services can currently be purchased:

    • Orff® Model School
    • Orff-Schulwerk® Association
    • Orff-Schulwerk® certification course (level course)
    • Orff-Schulwerk® Project

    Further services on request (info(at)

    An Orff® licence has been awarded to the following institutions or projects:

    Orff® Model Schools

    Orff-Schulwerk® Associations

    Orff-Schulwerk® certification course (level course)

      • Orff-Schulwerk® Certification Course Catalunya - Level Courses 1-3 (ORFF Catalunya:
      • Orff-Schulwerk® Certification Course Finland - Level Courses 1-3 (JaSeSoi ry:
      • Orff-Schulwerk® Certification Course Italy - Level Courses 1-3 (OSI:
      • Orff-Schulwerk® Certification Course Singapore - Level Courses 1-3 (SingOrff:

      Orff®-School Project

      If you have any questions or are interested in licensing and its requirements, please contact info(at)