Training courses

The educational and artistic demands of the Schulwerk with the interlinked areas of music, language and movement and the principle of improvisation, i.e. creative music-making in non-written form, all necessitated a specific form of training course which was inaugurated in 1961 at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and continued in 1963 within the framework of the ›››Orff-Institut in a specially designated building.


Since then, the OSW concept has branched out into a variety of specialised topics including music and movement for children, integrative activities within the areas of educational theory and therapeutic education, the combination with dance and the visual arts as aesthetic education, the intercultural perspective, music therapy and elemental music theatre. Thanks to this differentiation and its worldwide reception, the OSW has achieved a unique position as a musical educational concept in the 20th century.

The intention of the Schulwerk to utilise the anthropogenic impulses of all musical cultures has led in numerous countries to the reactivation of authentic cultural traditions. This intercultural perspective was already innate in the work undertaken by Orff and Keetman and continues to be developed in the training activities of the Orff Institute up to the present day.

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Abb: 1, 2 OZM; 3 Foto: Ellinger, Salzburg; 4 Peter Keetman