Foundation activities


  • Applications for student scholarships for the Orff Institute at the University Mozarteum Salzburg (to be submitted to the Orff Institute)
  • Applications for scholarships for participants of Summer Courses and Advanced Studies in Elemental Music and Dance Education “Orff –Schulwerk” (to be submitted to the Orff Institute)
  • Scholarships supporting the writing of doctoral theses and post-doctoral lecturer qualifications within the field of the Orff – Schulwerk and the Musicology 

Promotion of educational work "Orff-Schulwerk"

The Carl Orff Foundation promotes the dissemination of the Orff-Schulwerk throughout the world  and thereby contributes to the financing of Schulwerk courses in national Orff Schulwerk associations. The Foundation thereby encourages the intercultural and music educational exchange of experiences and provides support for training and advanced training in particular for teachers of music and dance education through participation in courses, workshops and symposia. The Foundation gives financial support for different publications especially in an international context.

Promotion of artistic works

The Carl Orff Foundation promotes the study of Carl Orff´s musical oeuvre through intensive communication with the music publishing firm  ›››Schott Music Mainz and discussion with people involved with theatres, orchestras, conductors, composers and numerous institutions.

The worldwide best-known and most famous work by Carl Orff is CARMINA BURANA. It is the most frequently performed work for choir and orchestra in the world. It is also the Foundation´s duty to promote the lesser known but equally impressive and significant stage works of Carl Orff.

The Carl Orff Foundation had supported for many years the Carl Orff Festival in Andechs which had taken place annually from June to August. This festival ended in 2015.

From 2017 the Carl Orff Foundation supports the new “Carl Orff Festival Andechs Ammersee” which was created by Wilfried Hiller and the head of cultus production Gmbh, Florian Zwipf-Zaharia. This festival is dedicated primarily to Carl Orff but also to the different influences his compositions and his work have have had. 

The Carl Orff Foundation has promoted another new festival AmmerSEErenade since 2014.

Since its establishment, the Carl Orff Foundation has also provided support for a number of further artistic projects.

Promotion of the academic study 

Since the establishment of the Orff Centre Munich in 1990 there has been close cooperation concerning the academic study of Carl Orff´s work. The Orff Centre Munich receives a part of the revenue of the Foundation for its research and documentation projects and for Public Relations.

Carl Orff Prize

The Carl Orff Foundation almost annually awards persons or institutions for their engagement to Carl Orff´s work. The prizewinners are:


  • 2010: Dr. Werner Thomas (1910 – 2011)
  • 2011: John Dew, director
  • 2013: Team “Prometheus” Ruhr-Triennale 2012
    (Lemi Ponifasio, director / Peter Rundel, conductor / Heiner Goebbels, artistic director  who shared the prize with Stefan Buchberger, dramatic adviser/ Brigitte Pinter, singer / Wolfgang Newerla, singer)
  • 2015: Freie Grundschule “Clara Schumann” , Leipzig
  • 2016: Christian von Gehren, conductor


The Carl Orff Foundation is a member of the ›››Association of German Foundations, Berlin 



Img: Karl Gabor