Theatrum Mundi

»Through the creation of a unique structured musical language, he has attempted to create new connotations.« (Thrasybulos Georgiades)[1]

»The Greek language is not heartfelt, warm and expressive in the Western sense.[...] The words of a Greek tragedy are to a certain extent capable of ›stoning‹ us«. (Thrasybulos Georgiades)[1]

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Carl Orff’s preoccupation with Greek tragedy did not come unpremeditated, but developed organically out of his previous works. As early as his arrangements of the works of Monteverdi, above all of ›Orfeo‹, Orff’s musical poetry has displayed an undercurrent of tragedy. (Wolfgang Schadewaldt)[2]


[1] Thrasybulos Georgiades, from CO-Dok VII,184; [2] Wolfgang Schadewaldt, from CO-Dok VII,199
Image: Madeline Winkler-Betzendahl, German Theatre Museum Munich