The objective of the Orff Centre in Munich is to »encourage the active study of the life and works of the composer Carl Orff and provide new impulses for research into his oeuvre«. (regulation dated 18 August 1988).

The objectives in further detail:

  • supervision of the estate of Carl Orff
  • academic research into his oeuvre and his biography
  • encouragement of musicological study of the life and works of the composer
  • collection and archiving of materials on and concerned with Carl Orff
  • preparation and provision of the objects in the collection and archives for practice and research
  • issuing of publications
  • information centre for musical and theatre practice and for the media
  • organisation of events (concerts, lectures, symposia and exhibitions)

The Orff Centre Munich fulfils its duties in cooperation with the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek [Bavarian State Library] and the Carl Orff Foundation. Thanks to financial support from the Carl Orff Foundation, the Orff Centre in Munich is able to award scholarships and allocate research assignments.
Further information is available on request.

Further information can be found on the  internet pages of the Orff Centre Munich›››



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