Trionfo di Afrodite - Plot

The subject of this work is the cult ritual of the wedding ceremony of an »archetypal couple« within the medium of Latin and Greek poetry in a spiritual-imaginative period of antiquity, i.e. with no specific geographical or chronological definition. The final epiphany sets the event in mythical times. Virgins and male youths sing a praise of the evening star while awaiting the bridal couple. The couple then enter in a procession.

There follows the cultic invocation and a song of praise to the wedding god Hymen. The bride is led to the wedding chamber accompanied by songs and games. The bridegroom’s companions sing satirical songs. Following the song of the newly wedded couple in the wedding chamber, Aphrodite the goddess of love appears.[1]



[1] Werner Thomas in: Pipers Enzyklopädie des Musiktheaters, Vol. 4, Munich 1991,p. 581 ff.
Image: CO-Dok IV/XI

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