Unterschrift Carl Orff


(Carl Orff 1937)

»Fortune meant well with me when she guided the catalogue of an antiquarian bookshop in Würzburg into my hands where I discovered a title which attracted me with its magic powers: Carmina Burana.«, this is how Carl Orff described the discovery of the manuscript from the monastery of Benediktbeuren which was to become the basis for his most well-known work.

Following the work’s first performance in 1937, Orff advised his publishers: »You can now destroy everything I have written up to now which you have unfortunately published.«

Several years later, Orff composed Catulli Carmina and Trionfo di Afrodite which were combined with Carmina Burana to form a trilogy entitled Trionfi - Trittico teatrale.

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Trionfi - Tritico Teatrale

»These verses, brief and as though hewn from stone, fascinated me: for me they were music. A spark was ignited and caught fire.« ››learn more››

Fairy tales


»The fairy tale is the playful daughter of myth«
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Bavarian world theatre


»All is fantasy!«
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Theatrum Mundi

»Indeed, the Greek language unites music and gesture like no other.«
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