Günther School

»Günther’s name had a magnetic effect.«[1]

In 1924, during the era of the rhythm and dance movement, Orff founded a training centre for gymnastics and dance, the Günther School in Munich, in cooperation with Dorothee Günther, a gymnastics teacher, graphic artist and author.

For this school, the composer developed his concept of an elemental music which was a synthesis of music, language and movement. The objective was the ›regeneration of music through movement, with the aid of dance‹ [2].

Encouraged by Curt Sachs to approach non-European music, particularly to become acquainted with the instruments utilised, Orff developed his collection of instruments later known as Orff instruments which were subsequently fundamentally important both for the Schulwerk and his compositions for the stage.



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Audio: music documentation RCA 09026 68031 2; Arthur Groß - WER 4006-50

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