Unterschrift Carl Orff


(Carl Orff 1904)

Music-making had been a natural playful activity for Orff right from his childhood. He cherished his childhood toys according to their grade of rhythmical serviceability.

At the piano, he discovered a wide spectrum of individual rhythmic and tonal activity and invention at an early stage.

He soon developed the need to record his inventions which he had created at the piano. A slate was utilised for this purpose; the music recorded here repeatedly fell victim to the eraser.

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Childhood and youth

»My mother possessed a quintessentially artistic nature and was a fundamentally intelligent woman.« ››learn more››

Training and studies

»...alongside all my other activities, the study of the old masters captivated me for almost a decade...«  ››learn more››

The educationalist

The theory that music has its origins in human individuals provides the basis for Carl Orff’s fundamental musical educational concept.  ››learn more››

The artist

»Carmina Burana struck us like a thunderbolt...« (G. Wimberger)   ››learn more››