You'll find here information about our new licensing system. If you have any further questions, please contact us at  info(at) , we will be glad to help you.

What exactly is a license?

The license is a quality brand given by the COS (Carl Orff Stiftung) to institutions, projects and individuals which/who fulfil the new quality criteria set up by the COS and which are presented in our previous letter. It means that you may use «Orff» as a trademark and as a seal of quality on your website, on your teaching materials and on certificates. It distinguishes you as an institution which works according to the generally valid quality criteria of the Carl Orff Foundation as the legal successor of Carl Orff.

When will licenses be available?

We will implement the reforms step by step throughout the year 2020. By the end of the year 2020 all associations, associated institutions, level course and other project organizers should have applied for a license.

If you are interested in applying for a license, please send us the requested materials.  We need information about your association, the related projects and courses in detail. We will take care of each association individually and take time and respect to the specific situations in all countries.

We plan to get in contact with all associations latest in the meeting on July 10th and 11th, 2020. All associations are invited to apply for the licenses from now on. But it is also possible to wait until summer in order to clear open questions directly in the network meeting in Salzburg.

How to get a license?

In cooperation with the Orff Institute, the Carl Orff Foundation will set up an office which will keep contact with all Orff Schulwerk associations, associated schools and institutions and will assist you in obtaining a license, keep contact with the network and the other associations and institutions.

This organization will address each company and ask for more information. Based on this information, a license is issued or the organization is asked to make appropriate changes in its organization, its training courses a.s.o. In such a situation we will do our best to support and consult you.

How long will a license be valid?

The license will be valid for three years and will be extended at any time upon proof of the required quality criteria.

How much will a license cost?

The fees will be 100€ per year (in financially weak countries and organizations, however, the fees will be adjusted individually).

The exact procedure will be arranged shortly and we will get back to you soon.

Do organizations that have used Orff's name since long need to apply for a permission to continue? 

The new brand (license) will be given by the COS only to institutions which fulfil the quality criteria and which stick to them. This rule applies to all associations and institutions.

We wrote that the IOSFS logo «Member of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum» is not valid as a seal of quality anymore. If an OSA, an ASI or an individual wants a quality brand in the future, then it has to apply for the license of the COS. The IOSFS used its logo as a seal of quality, but it had no effects if an association didn’t stick to the quality criteria set up by the IOSFS (even in the case of obvious illegal activities).

Are Orff-Schulwerk associations able to legally operate while the new licence processes are not yet finished?

Are they required to shut down and begin again by submitting a licensing application?

Of course you are able to legally operate and run courses, but you should not use the IOSFS logo «Member of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum» anymore, since the cooperation between the COS and the IOSFS has ended.

The logo of the IOSFS has been used as a seal of quality in many countries. This is not permitted anymore.

Are Orff-Schulwerk Level Courses legally allowed to operate in 2020 without a COS license?

Yes, Level Courses are allowed to operate, but – as mentioned above – using the logo of the IOSFS as a seal of quality is not permitted any more. By the beginning of year 2021 all Level Courses should have applied for a license.

Should an Orff-Schulwerk association apply for a license for every single OSW workshop?

No – as soon as you have a license for the Orff-Schulwerk Association you don’t have to submit an application for every single music workshop. Only the Level Courses need an extra application for a license, since they are special certificate programs and have separate quality criteria.

If an associations doesn't apply for permission, will it be taken to court? 

No. It is very simple: if you apply for the license, you will be very welcome and we will help you to fulfil the quality criteria and continue your qualified work by advising you institutionally and individually. Associations which do not want to apply for a license have to work without the quality brand, which can reduce the prestige of their institution nationally and internationally and they will also not be able to join the new international network built by COS and Orff-Institute, thus present themselves internationally.

If you don’t apply, then you will not get the seal of quality.

As soon as we get the information that somebody or an institution deviates from the regulations, we will get in touch and clarify together what are the reasons for this deviation. We strive to find a mutually acceptable regulation that meets our quality requirements and takes into account the situation of each society. In the event of serious and persistent deviations, we will also protect the Orff brand legally. But we are sure that in most of the cases it will not be necessary to go that far.

Is that applicable also in the U.S. and other countries?

The COS is owner of the brand «Orff» in all relevant countries.

What will happen to the magazine «Orff-Schulwerk Heute»?

In view of the very high costs of a printed magazine the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees of the COS as well as the Orff Institute were no longer satisfied with the content and the layout quality of the magazine.

For this reason together with all three institutions a joint agreement was negotiated. This agreement was not kept by the IOSFS. After this new situation another agreement between COS and IOSFS was negotiated. Only after two months the IOSFS rejected this agreement, too. So, the COS had to withdraw its funding and develop new plans:

The COS will publish in the near future, in partnership with Schott Edition, a new digital journal on the educational and artistic work of Carl Orff and his co-workers. The new magazine will be bilingual, online and free. Schott-Music has already started to work and is planning to publish the first edition in upcoming summer 2020.
In cooperation with the Orff-Institute we are additionally planning an online portal for reports, course announcements etc. from the OSAs.

In short – what is happening now?

Instead of working together with IOSFS, we will concentrate on the direct cooperation between Orff Institute and COS from now on, as intended by Carl Orff originally.

The COS – together with the Orff Institute – will establish a new network of all OSAs and ASIs, it will organize meetings in Salzburg. It will truly help, support and provide advice to everybody who is interested and everybody will be invited and welcome. The first meeting will be on the 10th and 11th of July 2020 at the Orff Institute in Salzburg – an invitation including details to the topics of this network meeting will be sent to you in upcoming March.