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School radio broadcasts

»The initial reaction was incredibly positive and increased with each subsequent broadcast.«[1]

»Elementary music within the framework of an educational series for hundreds of schools and thousands of children [...]. This was a completely new experience for me: music exclusively for children, played, sung and danced by children [...] which could be invented by the children themselves [...].«[2] »I undertook the compilation of this material together with Gunild Keetman.«[3] (Gunild Keetman in the radio series »Musik für Kinder«, 1957)
(Gunild Keetman in the radio series »Musik für Kinder«, 1957)

In 1948, Dr. Walter Panofsky, an employee at Bavarian Radio, came across the music from Carl Orff’s Schulwerk. The head of department for school broadcasts, Annemarie Schambeck, then requested Orff to create music which could be played by children themselves: »We believe that this type of music would directly appeal to children and we have plans to produce a series of broadcasts.«[2]

»On 15 September 1948, the first Schulwerk programme was broadcast for children. No-one could have anticipated the positive reaction to these programmes. Firstly, the technological conditions at that time were anything but ideal. There were only a few schools within Bavaria which were able to receive and hear school broadcasts. [...] Looking back, this initial broadcast can be seen as an extraordinary pioneering activity and a new milestone in the history of education.«[4]

The programmes were soon also broadcast by radio stations in other countries. Further programme series for schools were continued by Wolfgang Hartmann and Hermann Regner who took their inspiration from the ›Schulwerk‹.[5]


(Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman around 1937)
(Marimba from Cameroon)
(Carl Orff with Hermann Regner 1981)


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[5] probably Hermann Regner
Images : 1 Peter Reimer; 2 Minna Ronnefeld; 3-4 OZM
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