Unterschrift Carl Orff

Academy of Music in Munich

»There was nothing Orff deplored more than being a schoolmaster ...«[1]

»...although in his tuition – at that time in strict adherence to textbooks – he proceeded with thoroughness and accuracy.« (Karl Marx)[1] (Carl Orff 1958)
(Carl Orff 1958)

From 1950 to 1960, Carl Orff supervised a master class for composition at the Munich Music College.

A substantial number of composers can be counted among his pupils both during this time and both before and after; these include Karl Marx, Werner Egk, Cesar Bresgen and Wilhelm Killmayer.[2]


»However, beyond the limitations of his studies, he also permitted me to take a part in everything which moved him during this period of upheaval.« (Karl Marx)[1] (Carl Orff 1953)
»His manner of expression was frequently crude and drastic, always rich in imagery and forceful, and witty and stimulating.« (Karl Marx)[1] (Carl Orff recites the role of the Gagler [juggler] from ›Astutuli‹ 1958)
»Through your work and the nature of your existence, you have not only given me personally but also many of my [...] colleagues the assurance that it is not some sort of spirit which characterises an era, but the spirit of an individual person who goes ahead and does what he has to do.« (Wilhelm Killmayer)[3] (Carl Orff in his study in Dießen 1956)


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Images.: 1 Sabine Toepffer, German Theatre Museum, Munich; 2 Ingeborg Sello; 3 probably broadcast by South-west German Radio February 1958; 4 Peter Keetman

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