Unterschrift Carl Orff


»I started school at the age of six. It did not make a great impression on me: I found it boring.«[1]

(Carl Orff 1904)
(Carl Orff 1904)


»In 1907, I entered the Wittelsbacher Gymnasium [grammar school][...]. I was immediately recruited to sing in the church choir; my high soprano voice soon gained me solo roles.«[2] »I considered lessons at school as a compulsory exercise [...]. The only subject I found really absorbing was ancient Greek.«[3] (Wittelsbach Gymnasium Munich)
»An amiable and highly civilised boy who always behaved with greatly devotion and gratitude towards his teachers [...]. He possesses a receptive mind for poetry but has little affection and comprehension for prosaic Latin.«[4] (Mia and Carl Orff 1903)
»The 15-year-old »suffered from a pretty adverse state of health.«[5] (early spring at Lake Ammer, painting by Yos around 1900)


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