Unterschrift Carl Orff


»I will never forget how I was permitted to go with him (Carl v. Orff) every year during Holy Week to the dimmed St Michael’s Church to hear the Penitential Psalms by Orlandus Lassus.«[1]

»The most prominent figure in the family [...] was my grandfather Carl von Orff.«[2] (Carl von Orff 1828 - 1905)
(Carl von Orff 1828-1905)


»My grandmother, 19.02.1833 - 30.11.1919, an outstandingly attractive [...] woman right into old age, cared for her [...] husband with great affection; this was a happy marriage.«[3] (Fanny von Orff)
»My grandfather Karl Koestler (1837 - 1924) was my first biographer.« [4] »He was an enthusiastic amateur musician [...]. He founded the [...] orchestral society ›Wilde Gung‹[...] with like-minded enthusiasts in 1866. My grandfather made me a very special present by succeeding in having my early lieder published.« [5] (Karl Koestler)
»My only memories of my grandmother were her afflictions. She had a serious heart condition and mostly sat in her large fauteuil.« [5] (Marie Koestler with her daughter Paula, around 1879)


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Abb.: OZM

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