Unterschrift Carl Orff

The Management Board and Board of Trustees

Liselotte Orff, the composer´s widow, was appointed by her husband in his will as the director of the foundation for life. She undertook this task with great commitment for almost 24 years and shaped the content of the foundation´s activities. She has particularly championed the worldwide dissemination of Carl Orff´s musical-dramatic compositions and the Orff Schulwerk. Liselotte Orff was appointed as honorary chair of the foundation in 2008. She died in 2012.

On January 1st, 2008 she transferred the directorship of the foundation to the composer and Orff´s most important student, Prof. Wilfried Hiller. He is also a member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts and also active in a number of honorary posts.

The well-known music educationalist Prof. Dr. Regina Pauls is also a member of the Management Board and represents the area of music education and the Orff Schulwerk. She was the successor of Prof. Dr. Hermann Regner (1928-2008) at the Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria. She lives in Leipzig and is one of the co-founders of the independent school “Clara Schumann”, which was awarded with the Carl Orff Prize 2015 for its conceptual approach of Carl Orffs Schulwerk.

Axel Linstädt, composer and member of the Broadcast Council at the Bavarian Broadcast is the executive member of the Management Board and undertakes the responsibility for legal matters.

The Board of Trustees at the Carl Orff Foundation is currently composed of 7 members: 

  • Dr. Peter Hanser-Strecker, publisher of the works of Carl Orff, Schott Music in Mainz
  • Herbert Kirsch, mayor of Dießen am Ammersee
  • Dr. Franzpeter Messmer, Autor, Festivalleiter, Musikwissenschaftler
  • Dr. Thomas Rösch, Director of the Orff Centre Munich – State Institute for Research and Documentation 
  • Amy Stebbins, Regisseurin, Librettistin, und Theaterwissenschaftlerin
  • Polo Vallejo Ph.D., Music ethnologist, Madrid, Spain
  • Dr. Carsten Wulff, Juristischer Referent beim Bayerischen Rundfunk

The Board of Trustees is assigned the task of advising and supervising the activities of the Management Board and participating in the fulfillment of the statutes relating to the purpose of the foundation.

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